In the era of cultural diversification, men and women love, female girls kiss the frequency is increasing. It is time to talk about this issue, and users said that the development of hot supplies today, is not able to solve the problem of such problems, to reduce the proportion of male and female imbalances and can not find the object of China, and now there is a female and female combination is really Wasted good resources
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The advent of a new era means to re-establish our three views, has accepted new things. According to Taiwan media reports, senior artist field, Li Yijun (singing “My Fair Princess” ending song “rain butterfly”) 17-year-old daughter Chanel, because the recent drying out with Ouyang Na Na female girl kiss set off discussion, Li Yijun responded to the media , Revealed her daughter had asked her “If I like girls?” “Everyone is an independent individual, respecting their decisions.” “Everyone is an independent individual,” he said. “Everyone is an independent individual and respects their decisions.”
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As an individual I really deserve to respect them because of her freedom and choice. User sharp ridicule, for adult goods business is not it possible to consider the dimension of it? Similar to Ouyang Nana such as the number of same-sex relationship in the moment or more, adult products have become the demand for such products.

If you have such sexual orientation around, we also have to learn to respect others, and should not be with colored glasses to look at them. If you can express their love, perhaps you can really choose a satisfactory adult supplies as a gift to each other. Perhaps you can not afford to buy, even if you do not dare to send a hand to buy. This kind of psychological also reasonable, after all, that stuff is still more secret.

May be puzzling is the same sex between what kind of psychological, can attract each other what will be? Xiaobian think this is a lot of people want to answer the doubts, in order to clarify these issues access to the following information:

Personal experience according to the individual mature run can be divided into: childhood, school age, adolescence, adulthood.

Personality factors have important influence on personal identity: values, character and ability.

There are three main views on the causes of homosexuality. One that is caused by physiological factors, this homosexuality known as the quality of homosexuality. The second view that is caused by the psychological and social factors, this homosexuality known as the territory of the same sex.

The last one is that some psychologists believe that human sexual orientation has a two-way development of the possibility of homosexuality and heterosexuality is no different but only the choice of gender.