tongue teaser

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Silicone tongue teaser toy with extra vibrating bullet, 3 speed functions 3AAA batteries operated
The Japan AV Actress frequently used to jumping tongue G-spot vibration stick, 3-frequency vibration velocity strongly stimulate the female G-spot, increase pleasure, enhance libido, early climax, exquisite a real hand touch feeling 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, people thumping natural heart. Product specially ten different earthquake frequency, and arbitrary increase your happiness. A variety of functions through massage, vibration massage sensitive areas, endocrine regulation, to improve the quality of life purposes.
Medical Polymer non-toxic materials
1. Properly install the battery (this product using three batteries)
2 before use with 75% of medical alcohol scrubbing disinfection products, products coated with suitable lubricant (recommended together with condoms)
3 Inserted into the body, start switch, until the climax
4 off switch and exit from the body.
This product is for personal use, pay attention to the cleaning and effective parts clean before and after use; using the right amount of lubricant, the better; condom use is suggested; heart disease, high blood pressure, skin partial injury with caution; minors declined The use of this product.