Sex goods turnover: 65 billion US dollars / year


Hollywood shoots 507 movies a year, with a profit of $ 8.8 billion. While the US interest industry will produce more than 13,000 films a year, profits of up to 13 billion US dollars! 68 million per day and erotic-related search – accounting for a quarter of all search. Americans are relatively open to sexual attitudes, they generally believe that sex is a natural human rights, so to speak, 40 to 50 years old American young women, nearly 1/3 of people have their own vibration stick. The United States also has its own mature sex supplies industry, and completely open and transparent. Around the fun related to entrepreneurship there are many young people, and a lot of success really.




Interest goods turnover: 83 billion US dollars / year


Japan’s first literary works “ancient things” to record the Japanese is the islanders and gods of the offspring. Until today, they have a very open attitude towards sex. Japan has a legitimate “customs shop”, AV industry is strong to “one’s own power singled out Europe and the United States.” Is only the country’s largest consumer health care products manufacturers – the evening of the company, in the Asia-Pacific region’s annual sales reached 40 billion yen. It is noteworthy that, although the Japanese are very color, but their sexual crime rate is very low.



Interest goods turnover: $ 6.1 billion / year


German sexual attitudes are quite representative – almost every country in continental Europe has a mainstream religion, and almost no religion is encouraged to open. So they are from the root of the fun of the passion is not high, but it is very infatuated with the joy of the body – especially young people. Although they are not very active, but it will not think this is an unhealthy topic so interest industry in this stable development. Germans from the age of 13 began to contact sex education, there are enviable, large-scale Berlin adult exhibition. Germany divorce rate as high as 40%, allegedly a lot because sex is not harmonious … …




Interest goods turnover: $ 21.1 billion / year


Active in the major broadcast platform on the Korean beauty anchor who has been very popular. Their fire, and South Korea’s otaku culture can not be separated from the relationship – this group is the largest consumer groups of interest industry. The world’s most willing to spend money on this is the Korean people, South Korea’s annual per capita consumption of up to 526.86 US dollars, uh, most of the dedicated to the brothel, coupled with the Korean traditional culture on the topic of secrecy, let them get used to Through the doll or plane cup to find comfort … …




Interest goods turnover: $ 900 million / year


The population is almost equal to China’s India, each year only use 2.4 billion condoms. It is reported that the reason why the brothers in this exclusion of this thing, because of its standard size for the Indians is too big, uh, so that every five by the Indian men with condoms, there will be a rupture Or slippage, it is estimated that India is the world’s largest AIDS carriers one of the important reasons. And the brothers and sisters of this funny goods this flirt the stuff is simply no interest. At present, India’s health and population are a big problem, the root cause is frequent flap. Indian authorities can not wait to call on everyone: “are less TMD engage in twice!”




Sex goods turnover: 2.5 billion US dollars / year


The famous “sex” of Amsterdam, is a lot of men dreaming of the place. Where there are the most rules of the red light district, there are the most interesting interesting products. So to speak, walk in the street, all you can see the things that can be erected, almost all designed into a small brother’s shape – the bridge of the handrails, umbrella handle, this is nothing; in the street, You can not only see the “window girl” across the glass to attract customers, but also in the gift shop next to see the condom made of various gadgets. But surprisingly, the fun thing here is not really much – true sex fucking¬†in this is the last word